Refrigerated containers, freezer or heated food storage for restaurants and deliveries


Coldtainer mobile refrigerators are available, depending on the models, in NDN versions for the transport of refrigerated food products, FDN for the transport of frozen foods and XFDN for special transport requirements at -30° C.

Coldtainer mobile refrigerators are used to supply stores, community and for home deliveries. Many of the Coldtainer models are ATP approved, in the FRAX or FRCX class.


Coldtainer also offers isothermal containers for hot food transport, with an internal temperature between + 65° C and + 85° C. The units of the HmL line are designed to be used with Gastronorm containers and comply with the requirements of the HACCP standard.
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Refrigerated Pharmaceutical Shipping Containers

Our mobile refrigerators are used to safely transport a wide-array of substances essential to the pharmaceutical industry. Whether you need a blood transport cooler, a portable vaccine refrigerator, the cooled transport of biological samples, or a mobile, temperature-controlled, shipping unit for vaccines and medicines, we have you covered. The Coltainer products are extensively used worldwide for the safe transport of vaccines and blood related products. Design and technical features support meeting CDC/VFC vaccine storage guidelines.

Depending on the specific model, we offer FDH and NDH versions of these units with an automatic cooling and heating system that guarantees your products are kept at a constant temperature during transport, despite any adverse external environmental conditions. This is provided in compliance with the applicable regulations (GDP 2013/C 68/01, WHO 961/2011).

Small Medical Refrigerator Options

Due to the fact that our mobile refrigerators are ideal for more than simply pharmaceutical transport needs, these units are not classified as “Medical Devices.” Therefore, they are not required to meet defined standards or authorizations of such devices. If you use Coldtainer mobile refrigerators for the transport of UN 3373 clinical or diagnostic samples, three-system packaging must be used for the product, and primary and secondary packaging must be certified in line with all applicable ICAO/IMDG/ADR standards.

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Logistics Operations Served by Coldtainer Mobile Refrigerators

When shipping temperature sensitive items, our Coldtainer mobile refrigerators are an exceptional option for a variety of logistics companies. With many sizes available, we offer mobile refrigerators that can preserve small-to-large quantities of product. These units are designed to operate in standard shipping vehicles, without a need for modifying your current fleet.

Coldtainers for Long Distance Transport

Our logistics series of Coldtainer refrigerators and freezers offer floor dimensions that conform to industry standards (US/UK/EUR pallets). They are designed particularly for medium-to-long distance point-to-point deliveries.

The logistics capability using our Coldtainers is further enhanced by the future availability of certain AuO versions with autonomous operational capability of up to 72 hours.

Coldtainer for Logistics Companies

Our Coldtainer refrigerator units deliver efficient, flexible, and economical solutions for temperature control delivery and storage requirements. These solutions are often superior to traditional shipping methods for temperature sensitive items, allowing you the freedom to ship both perishable and non-perishable items at once. These units also eliminate the need for refrigerated vehicles, which can help streamline your shipping process.

Coldtainers are a cost-effective, portable, and convenient technology for products that need precision temperature control and freeze protection, including food, medical and pharmaceutical supplies. The reliability and versatility of these Coldtainers is strengthened by their ability to operate on AC or DC power. Some models also offer autonomous power, with an internal battery that can keep the unit running for up to 10 hours on a single charge. Coldtainer logistics solutions are offered in top loading or front opening models, with numerous capacities and options for freezing, cooling, and heating.

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