Refrigerated containers, freezer or heated food storage for restaurants and deliveries


Coldtainer mobile refrigerators are available, depending on the models, in NDN versions for the transport of refrigerated food products, FDN for the transport of frozen foods and XFDN for special transport requirements at -30° C.

Coldtainer mobile refrigerators are used to supply stores, community and for home deliveries. Many of the Coldtainer models are ATP approved, in the FRAX or FRCX class.


Coldtainer also offers isothermal containers for hot food transport, with an internal temperature between + 65° C and + 85° C. The units of the HmL line are designed to be used with Gastronorm containers and comply with the requirements of the HACCP standard.
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Coldtainer mobile refrigerators are used to transport medicines, vaccines, biological samples to be analyzed, blood and derivatives.
Depending on the models, the NDH and FDH versions are available, with an automatic cooling/heating system to guarantee the products transport at a constant temperature, regardless of the external environmental conditions, in compliance with the regulations in force (GDP 2013/C 68/01, WHO 961/2011).
Coldtainer mobile refrigerators, being suitable for the transport of any type of product, are not classifiable as “Medical Devices” and are not subject to specific norms or approvals. For the transport of “UN 3373” diagnostic or clinical samples inside Coldtainer mobile refrigerators it is necessary to use a three system packaging for the product, with primary and secondary packaging certified according to ICAO/ADR/IMDG standards in force.

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Coldtainer mobile refrigerators can be used by logistic companies to offer their customers a refrigerated transport service for small and medium volumes (LTL) of perishable goods on board of their standard vehicles, without the need for investment in special vehicles and infrastructures.
Coldtainer models of the Logistics series with their floor dimensions compatible with the industry standards (EUR/UK/US pallets), are mainly designed for medium – long distance point – to – point transport.
The future availability of specific AuO versions with autonomous operation up to 72 hours will add further flexibility to the Coldtainer proposal for logistics.

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