Auo Model Battery Powered Refrigerator Container

models with built-in battery and totally autonomous operation.

Our solution for e-mobility.

Coldtainer AuO models are battery powered, for autonomous operation without the need for vehicle power. Will run for up to 10 hours on a single charge. 
The Coldtainers AuO line are a perfect all-electric option to use on commercial vehicles for the delivery of perishable goods. Refrigerated, frozen, and food-safe heated autonomous units are available.

AuO | Autonomous Built-In Battery Powered Refrigerator and Food Safe Heater

Coldtainer AuO models are battery powered, for autonomous operation without the need for vehicle power. Will run for up to 10 hours on a single charge. 

The food delivery market has presented a notable need for 100-percent electric commercial vehicles to be used for last-mile distribution in urban environments. This has presented a challenge for mobile refrigeration and heating units that have traditionally been powered directly from the delivery vehicle’s engine. Building off this trend in the marketplace, Coldtainer designed an Autonomous unit (AoU) as a cost-effective autonomous battery powered refrigerator solution for daily use.

During the design process, three major hurdles had to be overcome in order to make AuO truly viable:

  • The selection and sizing of batteries to get enough service to last during the service day.
  • Identifying the type of heater to efficiently provide the necessary food-safe holding temperature for catering and food service operations. Providing this temperature performance and delivering it in a way that is more efficient than alternative systems requiring an engine driven compressor.

We were able to address these problems, providing a compact, efficient, and versatile solution ideal for the transport of both hot and cold cargo on all-electric vehicles.

Versatile Mobile Solutions for Temperature Controlled Storage

Our AuO line is the perfect option for the commercial delivery of perishable goods. Portable electric freezer, refrigeration, and food-safe heated autonomous units are available. The freezer units also allow customers to provide a cost-effective multi-temp solution when combined with a traditional vehicle powered unit. Standard electric vehicles can use the autonomous Coldtainer AuO models without any modification to the vehicle.

When the vehicle is parked, onboard battery is recharged from the standard AC outlet via of the included battery charger.



Available Models

Currently, these Coldtainer refrigeration models that are available as autonomous battery-powered units (AoU): F0140, F0330, and F0720. The Heated holding cabinet (HmL) models include the F0140 and F0330. AuO versions are equipped with VRLA gel batteries, which provide vibration resistance and a life of more than 600 charging cycles. The included chargers are 5-phase charge switching, which includes a floating phase. Battery and charger are included within the refrigerator dimensions.

The maximum recharging time of the built-in battery is approximately 8 hours. The battery charger can also be used to power the unit, while maintaining the internal temperature.

F0140 AuO Autonomous battery-powered refrigerated or frozen storage

F0140 AuO



5 ft³

Product details
Coldtainer F0330 AuO Autonomous battery-powered refrigerated unit

F0330 AuO



11.5 ft³

Product details
Coldtainer F0720 AuO Autonomous battery-powered refrigerated unit

F0720 AuO



25 ft³

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Versatile Transport Options

We are able to offer custom solutions on some of our larger refrigeration models (Cargo models) , including multiple batteries that make it possible to perform up to 72 hours of autonomous operation. These special portable electric freezer and refrigeration options are specifically designed for use by logistics operators for less than truckload LTL and last mile point-to-point transport over medium to long distances.

Load optimization and cost reduction are possible through our AuO Coldtainer. Contact us today!

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