Heated Food Transport Containers

At Coldtainer USA, we now offer HmL (Hot Meals Line): heated, food safe portable containers for food transport and catering applications. This line of containers allows for the secure storage and delivery of precooked, ready-to-serve hot food while maintaining its temperature in a safe range between 149°F and 185°F. These units operate up to 10 hours on an internal battery, and can also be powered by a 110 volt AC wall outlet.

Hot Meals Line – Commercial Insulated Food Carrier

We offer the Coldtainer Hot Meals line in two models, having capacities of 4.94 cubic feet (140 L) and 11.65 cubic feet (330 L). These insulated containers retain heated food at a precise temperature that is regulated by means of a digital thermometer with the temperature visible on an easy-to-read display. The insulated food carrier includes an area in which special racks may be installed to support industry-standard Gastronorm food pans.

Our new HmL containers provide a convenient, flexible solution for professionals who need to deliver or maintain heated foods, preserving their temperature at a constant level during the entire storage and transport timeframe.

Perfect for Food Storage and Transport

Our food-safe heated holding cabinet containers are ideal for transporting and storing food. These units are also designed and manufactured for easy vehicle installation and removal. They allow for efficient and seamless delivery and serving of food in the vehicle or onsite.

As with all Coldtainer lines, we offer quick customer order fulfillment with all of our HmL models.

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